How is your energy level today? Are you zipping through your day with energy to spare, or are you watching the clock wondering if you can go to bed this early?

Sometimes we just have one of those days where we can’t get our engines running at optimal levels. We struggle to accomplish what we’ve set out to do, and just wish we could curl up on the sofa, instead. So, why is this? Why do we run on high octane one day and sit broken down by the side of the road the next? Well, we are human and as such are allowed to have up and down days. The concern comes when we have more low-energy days than we would like, and find ourselves in a rundown rut.

Here is a question to ask yourself: am I directing my energy where I’d like it to go, or is it just streaming out of me all over the place? Did I spring an energy leak? Answer this truthfully. There’s no benefit in trying to kid yourself into thinking you’ve been in charge if you haven’t. Well, let me rephrase that. We ARE in charge, but it is easy to let go of the wheel and let the car drive us. When we do this, our limited reserves are overspent on things that are not important, leaving too little to handle the things that energize and fulfill us.

Example: You have an unpleasant conversation with a coworker first thing in the morning. All day, you stew over it. You share your unhappiness with your work friend, your spouse, on your Facebook page, and over lunch with your sister. Every time that person walks by, you ignore them and pretend to be working. But you’re not working. You’re steaming over the injustice of this person being able to get away with being unpleasant. At the end of the day you go home exhausted and stressed, having spent an unproductive day at work. You grab a glass of wine and tell your spouse all about it, AGAIN. Finally you go to bed and dread going to work the next day.

Whew! I’m tired just writing about it! Imagine how tiring it is to live it. Your energy has leaked out into negative space. Very negative. Instead of having a five-minute unpleasant conversation, you have now spent 8-10 hours unhappy and drained.

So, what to do? First off, don’t beat yourself up. We all get caught up in life’s dramas from time to time. But as a habitual way of living? Not good. The key is to stay focused on your intention for the day. Pick one or two things each day and focus on accomplishing those things. If you get those done, consider your day a success! Setting your intention on these few items will help you avoid distractions, and leave you with more energy at the end of the day. If you get those things done early, stop for a moment and come up with one or two more rather than just haphazardly plugging away at random tasks. That way you’ll feel productive and focused all day long.

Be sure to include at least one thing that is just for fun, for fulfillment, or spiritual growth. Example: Today I’m going to clean both bathrooms no matter what, and also take 15 minutes to do Qigong. Or, I will follow up on at least two client emails, and also go to the coffee shop to hear that guitarist I like.

By taking the day in small bites, you increase your chances of success, which will lead you to want to create even more opportunities to fulfill yourself during the day. Before you know it, you will be moving from one meaningful thing to another, all day long, and those negative and energy-sucking occurrences will fade from your life. Don’t you deserve a high-energy, fulfilling life? I think you know the answer.