I’ve decided to visit Worthiness today after receiving a number of private questions and comments on the topic. Our personal histories are filled with circumstances, tragedies, and memories that all conspire to whittle away at our sense of self-worth. The years of training, mistakes, disappointments, or abuse can take their toll on how we see ourselves in the world.

The dictionary defines worthy as “having adequate or great merit, character, or value,” and again, “of commendable excellence or merit; deserving.”

Adequate, great, deserving, excellence. Great words, but what really makes someone worthy? What makes YOU worthy? Do you deserve an intrepid and audacious life?

I believe that we are all worthy, and that our goal here in life is to live up to that basic fact. We deserve happiness. We deserve success. These things should come freely to us. Now here is the kicker: freely does not mean for free. It can take some work to undo our training and allow things to flow freely. We need to reassure our fear of “not good enough” that we do not need it just now, thank you. Like all fears, the fear of being unworthy has its roots in protection. “Danger! Better think twice!”

So, what is it that we are protecting ourselves from? Deeming ourselves unworthy is a surefire way to keep us from sharing our gifts fully with the world. Our fear, or our need to feel protected (same same) keeps us from doing anything that stands out too much, from rising above our unhappy surroundings, or from creating something uniquely ours.

See if any of these sounds familiar:
Oh, I’d better not try that because who am I to think I could do that?
I’d prefer if nobody notices me.
I’m such a loser.
(Fill in the blank) was right about me. I’ll never amount to anything.
I’ve made too many mistakes to expect to have any happiness in life.
I may as well just go do (fill in the blank) because what else am I good for?

Do these phrases strike any chords? These thoughts can really do a number on your forward progress. Well, here’s the good news: you don’t need that fear of worthiness anymore! When you set that fear aside you will recognize all that you have to offer the world.

Easy to say, right? Well, I admit it is a constant management for me! I have days where I sail through, believing that I deserve the best in life, and then there are days when…not so much. Still, I’m going to say it to you now. You ARE worthy, you ARE deserving, and just because you think you are unworthy does not make it so.

How do you quiet the fear of worthiness? What works for you when feeling blocked by “not good enough?”

Share with us, and in future posts I’ll begin sharing some techniques that help me. In the meantime, you are hereby deemed WORTHY! Go forth and shine.