You Are a Genius

Mr. Rogers was right. You are special. You are a genius at something. Don’t argue! It’s true. We all have heard this before, and can easily write it off as something that sounds nice but doesn’t really mean much. We talk ourselves out of it every time we feel that little spark of genius. “I am good at baking.” Eh, somebody in France is better. “Hey, I can take really nice photographs!” But, well, what […]

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Your Space, Your Place

Some of you know that I teach self-defense classes. I started learning kung fu when in my late 40s, and found that it helped me so much with defining my place in the world (both physically and mentally). So I began offering simple classes to teach people how to protect themselves from unwanted physical contact, and found that I had to stop and scale way back. I know lots of fun and fancy techniques that […]

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The Perfect Time

When is the “perfect time?” How do perfectionism and time interplay in our lives? How can I make things perfect without missing out on everything else?

Balance, folks. We all hear about it, we all strive for it (or feel like we should), we all fear losing it or never having it. But what if we do it wrong? What if we think we have balance but we’re really just missing something? Our old friend fear […]

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Fear of Worthiness

I’ve decided to visit Worthiness today after receiving a number of private questions and comments on the topic. Our personal histories are filled with circumstances, tragedies, and memories that all conspire to whittle away at our sense of self-worth. The years of training, mistakes, disappointments, or abuse can take their toll on how we see ourselves in the world.

The dictionary defines worthy as “having adequate or great merit, character, or value,” and again, “of commendable […]

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Faithful Fears

To the question “What are you afraid of?” lots of common responses pop into our minds.  Heights. Snakes. Spiders. Confined spaces.  Those fears are easy to define, and easy to write off as things we can avoid to keep that fear at bay.  Just don’t climb mountains, or live where there are snakes, and get a pest control service, and, yeah, I don’t do elevators or spelunking.  Ok.  But how about that next set of […]

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Well, the day has finally arrived.  My website is up and running, and it is now even easier for you to learn how to live your intrepid life!

Watch this site for awesome videos, blog posts, and all sorts of great stuff to help you along your path.  Sign up using the contact form, or send me a message on the Contact Me page.

Be your audacious, intrepid self and I’ll see you soon!



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