I decided that I was being selfish. I was sharing some things with only a few people, and realized that everyone can and should benefit. My private clients have been receiving weekly tips from me in addition to my blog posts and individual communication and coaching. These tips have been well received and clients have asked to share them with their friends, so I’m going to add them to my blog postings here!

Body Boosts are short physical exercises or postures that help as energy pick-me-ups. They are very easy and designed so you can do them anytime you need to recharge. Smart Spirit tips are little things to help improve your daily mental and spiritual health. Again, super easy ways to realign your thoughts and feelings so you experience more joy.

Here are this week’s tips:

Body Boost

Fall days may be gray and dreary, and they can do a number on our energy level. To combat this and keep yourself invigorated, try this little exercise that I learned from a Taiji instructor to get the blood flowing and loosen joints! (click to see video which will open in a new tab)

Body Boost energizer video

Smart Spirit

How are you caring for yourself today? Spend the first three minutes of each day thinking of three things for which you are grateful.

Say out loud: “I am so very grateful for…”

Concentrate and notice how each thing makes you feel.

Carry this feeling with you throughout the day, and return to it when you feel low-energy or uninspired.


Please comment and let me know how these work for you, and if you have any tips of your own to share. Have a wonderful and energetic week!