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Make Merry

Whew! August has been a whirlwind. I’m sure I’m the only one who has had a month that just flew by with seemingly little to show for it…right? Oh, wait…you know what I’m talking about?

Sometimes it is hard to tell if we are expecting too much from ourselves, or if we really let the whole ball drop. The entire ball, you know? Not just like…part of a ball. Anyway. Family obligations, household duties, civic […]

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Follow From the Front?

Are you a leader or a follower? Be honest, you feel like you need to answer “leader” don’t you? We are always hearing about leadership and how important it is. Nobody wants to be a follower! That means that you have no will of your own, that you can’t think, that you are less-than… Right? Hmmm, I beg to differ. I propose that being a leader means following. Think of following as listening, serving, gently […]

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Stop Look Listen

When was the last time you connected with someone? Now don’t tell me all about your social media, Facebook postings, Tweets, texts, and all of that.  I mean when did you last really have a heart-to-heart moment? In this era of constant communication, unending input and output, and non-stop chatter we need to remind ourselves of what true connection means.

Exchange of information? Could be. Vocal expression? Sure. Written notes? Yes, but how about eye contact? […]

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Guts and Grace

Mae West was gutsy. Grace Kelly was, well, graceful. Usually when we think of these two descriptors we see them as mutually exclusive. You are either go-get-‘em sassy, or diplomatic and ladylike. Olympic athletes are both graceful and gutsy, but they have devoted their entire lives to training, forgoing all else. Is it possible for mere mortals such as we to achieve both guts and grace via our everyday lives?

Well, I’ve gotta say a […]

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Do Be Do

Do you ever feel like you need to earn a gold star when starting something new? That even though you are new to it, that you should somehow be better than all the other new people? Is there an inner voice that is reminding you to go faster, be sharper, be more successful?

It’s easy to have high expectations of ourselves, and it isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like we are […]

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Rest and Abide

There are all sorts of old-timey phrases like, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” and “physician heal thyself” that remind us to take care of ourselves first. Taking care of others and running ourselves ragged in the process does no one any good in the long run.

With this in mind, I’m taking care of myself today. Starting up a business, developing a website on my own with zero experience, writing a blog, plus all […]

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Power Up

How is your energy level today? Are you zipping through your day with energy to spare, or are you watching the clock wondering if you can go to bed this early?

Sometimes we just have one of those days where we can’t get our engines running at optimal levels. We struggle to accomplish what we’ve set out to do, and just wish we could curl up on the sofa, instead. So, why is this? Why do […]

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Listen Up

Remember being a kid in school, and the teacher would shout, “Listen up” whenever the class got too noisy? Everyone would quiet down for a minute or two, and then slowly the chatter would build again?

I bet you know where I’m going with this. Is the daily chatter of your busy life getting in the way of what’s really important to you? This is related to the Overcoming Overwhelm post, but it goes beyond task […]

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Move It

Let’s talk about your body. You know, that physical thing that the real you hauls around every day. How do you feel? Do you have a stiff neck, are you kind of tired, or are you super energetic? Take a minute to stop and just pay attention to your physical “mood.”

Right. We all know that there is a mind-body connection, but how often do we really pay attention to that? When we feel sad and […]

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Too much going on? Never enough time, too hard to keep track of everything, hanging on for dear life so it all doesn’t fly apart? The only way to not be overwhelmed is to let something slide and then…disaster! You are the only one who can keep this machine rolling so you can’t stop no matter what, right? You are not alone! Overwhelm has become such a part of our modern lives that it seems […]

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