Ever feel like you aren’t telling the truth? Does your life feel like something you have to put on in the morning, rather than something that flows through you? You are not alone!

Being authentic, and using an authentic voice, is one of my favorite topics to explore. It completely ties in with Worthiness (see blog post Fear and Worthiness) but has a different flavor. Worthiness feels like a receptive quality, while Authenticity is outward-bound. Let’s take a look at it.

We are often entreated to “be ourselves” or to “express ourselves” but it seems the world isn’t really too keen on that. So many of us are afraid of being labeled weird, discounted for being distinct, or ridiculed. Heck, just look at social media, and how anyone who stands out is subjected to endless comments about their looks, hair, mannerisms. So, what to do? Truth is, it’s hard when we start to really expose our inner selves and until we make it a habit, we’ll probably be very uncomfortable. “Wait a minute, I thought that being myself is supposed to be happy and fulfilling and all of that!” Well, if we’ve been hiding and inauthentic for a long time, the change is not going to feel very nice for a while. But it’s the kind of change that, even in our discomfort, we can feel the strength growing at the core.

Want to get started? A simple exercise is to practice with your actual voice. I recommend doing this someplace where you feel safe, and where you can be as loud as you want without worrying about being heard.

First off, grab a sheet of paper and write down your thoughts on these questions:

  1. Recall one or two times in your life where you tried to express yourself authentically, and were shut down by people around you. How did you feel?
  2. In your relationships, did you keep quiet when you really had something to express? Feel this.
  3. Did you ever pretend to be happy when you really weren’t, just so you wouldn’t rock the boat?
  4. Have you ever blurted out something hurtful because you kept it in for too long?

Alright, now that you have turned your attention to these inauthentic moments, let’s heal and tap into your real voice.

Your Authentic Voice Relaxation Exercise