• Fearless, bold, audacious
  • Living life on your terms
  • Forging your own path
  • Creating your place in the world
  • Boldly going where you have never gone before

This journey takes us to far western Mongolia to the Altai Mountains where we will experience the Golden Eagle Festival. Kazakh horsemen (and some girls) use golden eagles in their falconry, and the Festival features hundreds of these hunters and their magnificent birds. In addition to the Festival, visit the petroglyphs (rock carvings) of the Altai, some 12,000 years old.

Book before April 20 as flights to the Altai are extremely limited and fill up quickly!

I want to experience the Golden Eagle Festival!

The Warrior Queen Tour is a mind-body-spirit journey to the heart of Mongolia where ancient queens (Khatuns) ruled with wisdom, and where we will tap into our deepest strengths. Meditate with monks at Buddhist monasteries, explore the vast steppes, and connect with your Inner Warrior Queen. Empowerment amidst amazing landscapes. Join us!

I want to join the Warrior Queens!

Want to live an intrepid life but need help?

Are distractions, procrastination, and old habits getting in your way?

Do you feel like you are spinning in place, never having time or energy to work on the life you dream of?

Are you ready to put fear aside and claim your place in the world?

Is it time to move past the obstacles and live your intrepid life?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, contact me today and I’ll help you get on your way!

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It’s time for you to define your place in the world, and you don’t have to go it alone. I’ve spent a lifetime discovering and overcoming my own fears and habits to create an audacious life, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you.

You CAN be authentic.

You CAN be intrepid.

And you CAN forge the life you’ve dreamed of.

You may say, “If it’s so easy, why haven’t I done it already?” Because we all need support. Without it, we are doomed to struggle alone, reliving old patterns over and over again. We need someone with a higher-level perspective to help us stay on track – something we can’t give ourselves, since we are right smack dab in the middle of the situation! We need a cheerleader, coach, and accountability partner.

That’s where I come in! Click below and take that first step.

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Working together we will:

Help you quickly access your authentic voice

Recall and reclaim hidden joys and dreams

Redefine your life on your own terms

Remove barriers so you can share your innate talents and gifts with a ready and waiting world

The world needs what you have to give, and you make the world a better place when you are fully yourself. Isn’t it time to set fear aside and live the life you are meant to live? To feed that tiny fire within yourself that says, “what if?”

Today. Today is the day you begin to claim your place. Let’s get to work and make it happen!

Yes! Today is the day!

Looking for the community and support of like-minded people? Joining one of our group programs may be just the thing you need. Come find your tribe!

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Are you ready to take your new found confidence on the road? Travel with Your Intrepid Life! Our next trip is to Mongolia, where you will experience The Land of the Eternal Blue Sky

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Looking for the community and support of like-minded people? Joining one of our group programs may be just the thing you need. Come find your tribe!

I’m ready!